My Gardening Disaster:

Today I’m going to tell you about my gardening disasters. What sort of disasters do you ask? The disasters in struggling to grow a single thing outdoors.

My whole life so far, I’ve just had the worst luck with gardening. Whatever house I go to, wherever I live, whatever I do, no matter how much I take care of the plant, I can’t grow anything. If I planted a weed it wouldn’t grow. I’ve always yearned to have the picture-perfect flower and vegetable garden. A beautiful yard with every kind of flower, but I buy seeds, I buy flowers, I plant it, it’s dead, rinse and repeat. And the worst part is I don’t even know why! I read the seed packet. I plant it when it should be planted. I buy pots for it, I buy soil for it, I take the utmost care to plant it exactly as it says. I eagerly await, and nothing.

However, I have had luck with indoor plants. I could have a whole jungle with indoor plants. In fact, I do, and I love them. They grow so beautifully, I have an aloe vera plant, a pothos plant, a spider plant, and a lot more. I would really love to grow some vegetables, I think once I was able to grow some green onions, and some mint, sage (which I got from someone else) and that’s about it. And I have NO CLUE what I’m doing wrong. It just gets me so discouraged, I even try to get some already healthy growing plants, but once I take them home, guess what? They die. On top of that, whenever there’s maybe something successful, then rabbits come around and eat all of it. So I got some chicken wire and put it around there. Well, apparently it wasn’t tall enough. So I had to stack the chicken wire, to prevent them from eating them. Well, at least that worked. Unless a deer comes, because what else are you gonna do then. And of course, there’s never any sun around here so no wonder the flowers don’t grow.

I just don’t understand how anybody grows anything around here, because I love gardening, I really do, except for the fact that I can’t GROW anything. It’s really frustrating, really really frustrating, and sad.

One time I tried growing an onion, and I planted it, and then some animal dug it up again. Because of the fact that I have grown indoor plants, and some very robust plants as well, like succulents, it’s not that I’m totally incapable of taking care of a plant. It’s just that for some reason, the powers that be have decided I should not be allowed to grow flowers.

Thanks for reading my frustration,

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