Maintaining sanity during quarantine…

This 2020 started good for me, I was making changes to my channel, I released this website, which includes this blog, and I was adding a lot of new habits to my daily life. Everything was going absolutely swimmingly and then this coronavirus happened. 
First it started in the news, headlines of the coronavirus in China. My first reaction wasn’t so worried, but then slowly, or not so slowly actually, it started creeping outside of China. There were deaths, it went to Thailand, Japan, and then more and more countries and then the United States. 
It was starting to become a pandemic. The death count was shooting up and then all of the restrictions started. Country to country, people started to close down borders, as more and more deaths in different places started popping up. And then Italy happened. For some reason, the coronavirus just fell in love with Italy.

And the global death toll was also increasing. Countries also started quarantining. And living in Washington, I couldn’t escape all of the effects it was having on EVERYTHING.
that’s where the coronavirus started in the US. It chose Washington out of all states. But I mostly stayed home as I usually do, and did what was recommended. Thankfully, my life as an online school student wasn’t affected as deeply as other kids’s were. 
I felt really sorry for all of the students. I encourage you to check out my ‘Time to Enroll in Free Online Public School!’ video. 

And now EVERYTHING is also closed. My church closed down as well, but on the upside church became more entertaining because my church decided to try to have a virtual service, and honestly I didn’t know how entertaining it could be to try to watch boomers use technology. 
Oh and my church has no shortage of them. 

Everybody was panicking, shopping everything, like hand sanitizer, and toilet paper?! I talked more about that in the ‘Things I’ve Noticed about the Pandemic’ video. Although my school and education weren’t affected as much, other parts of my life were too. For example, since my brothers’ college closed down that unleashed a whole set of new problems for me too! Having them home the whole day is horrible. It’s absolutely horrible! If anybody wants them, just contact me I’ll give them to you. 
It’s even hard to film my videos in the house because I can’t even get 5 minutes without one of them interrupting me. My brother has also decided to start his violin practice, EARLY IN THE MORNING. So even if I shut my door completely it’s still in my ear. I have memorized by heart what all of his concertos sound like after hearing them EVERY FRICKING MORNING. 
My other brothers has moved all of his exercise and weight equipment to take over the whole house and exercise all day. Even with the house as his personal gym he feels the need to pick me up and use me as a barbell (yes that does actually happen to me, I’m not exaggerating) And they repeatedly come in my room interrupting me whenever they please for no reason whatsoever.

Trying to deal with all this I tried to turn to doing what I like, and what usually calms me down and gets me in a good mood again: baking. I’ve baked so many things in the past few days: muffins, donuts, I tried making homemade granola, biscuits, bread, 
I tried making sourdough bread which didn’t turn out and made me even more mad, and so much more. I never thought I would start to get tired of baking, but I think it’s actually happening to me. So I did other things as well, I started quilting, making over my room, cleaning my closet, I online shopped for skincare, makeup and more, 
I’m writing blog posts, doing art and drawing, playing guitar, and organizing around the house. I watched Netflix all different movies old and new, I finished a book, and started a new one, I also wrote a short story in record time, I filmed, and I think I’m going crazy. I don’t know what else to do. I have also now realized that this blog post has turned into a huge rant.

Thanks for stopping by and lending me your ear for a while.


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