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If you are a regular Google or YouTube user, I have some news that you might find shocking.
Did you know that every single time you go to YouTube or look up something on Google, your actions are being monitored and recorded?Your every search and selection is being carefully tracked to make their service more and more powerful. They soon can very accurately predict how you think and what you will do next. Does that sound a bit like somebody staking you out in your neighborhood? It is the same thing, but in the online world where they learn your psychology.
As crazy-paranoid as that sounds, it is more accurate than you can ever imagine. Whether using anything related to Google, Youtube, Facebook, and others, you are under constant surveillance, and you always remain under their microscope as long as you use the service.
If you search using Google, your searching trends are also being recorded and compared with millions of others using Google. To use Google means you are volunteering yourself to be one of their digital lab rats. Do you like that idea?Over many days over many years, with millions of people searching, they can predict the next move of most people.That is exactly how they keep suggesting great videos and ads for you. They’re getting richer and infinitely more powerful, while you’re becoming more predictable and poorer as they have the upper hand with your data and your loss of privacy.
Invisible spying may not seem like a problem initially, but this is exactly what is slowly taking your power and privacy over time. Google has been playing a long game for many years now. So much of your information has now been placed into the hands of people who are certainly not your friends. Trust me; they do not have your best interests at heart. You are for them another commodity, a number by which to generate profit or provide to other agencies without your knowledge or consent.
Thankfully, there are ways you can begin to stop the tech giants in their tracks from all this spying. You get back your privacy, and in some cases, you can even get some extra money in your pocket. Instead of the tech giants making money off you, you can instead get paid for participating in receiving non-intrusive advertising.I have been doing lots of research to make sense of what has been changing to take back my power from tech giants. Based on what I understand so far, I’m like the trend. Anyone who wants more money and privacy in their life will want to pay close attention to what I will explain in this post and the ones that are soon to follow.
Let’s start with some bite-sized pieces to make sense of this significant movement toward freedom. 
The one word that explains the most significant changes now sweeping through our online world is “decentralized.” Every day there is a growing momentum where people are shifting from centralized services like Google, YouTube, Facebook to decentralized alternatives. This change redefines “who is in control.” If you like more control over your life, including your money and private information, you will be a fan of the new decentralized services now becoming available.
Decentralized service is nothing new.A perfect example of something already decentralized is the Internet itself. That is because anybody can get a smartphone or computer and surf the Internet. That means there is no central control for who is on the Internet. Anybody can get on the Internet, and nobody can turn off the entire Internet as a whole. 
To understand centralized control, think about YouTube. You can open an account on YouTube and upload a video, but YouTube will only show videos that apply to their rules. Any video can be taken down by YouTube right away, and you have no control at all over that. Google also does the same thing when deciding what to show you in your search results. They call all the shots whether you realize it or not.
Centralized power means the authority of, say Google or YouTube, to censor what you are allowed to see or do. Centralized control stealthily takes away your choices without you even realizing it. That action directly influences how you think. You will always make your decisions based on the various information sources you discover. If they purposely withhold sources to the side of the story they disapprove of, you will never know about the potentially valuable information they refuse to show you. 
As much freedom as we may think we have today when using Google, Facebook, Instagram, and the rest, it is not very much freedom at all. That is because it all happens in the walls of their centralized empires controlled by tech giants. This controlled and centralized world of the Internet is known as Web 2.0.
Not too surprisingly, the solution is with decentralized services, known as Web 3.0.
In the decentralized online world of Web 3.0, power is distributed to the people so that no corporation like Google or government can stop information or money. That gives you all the power promised when the Internet was new, long before there was a Google in the late 1990s.

It is long overdue that we stop privacy stealing from Google, Facebook, and others from harvesting all our data, spying on all of us, and selling us out. Even if you stop using Google search, your Gmail address allows Google’s software to analyzes every one of your emails to learn about your every email topic. From their vast data set, they can now effortlessly figure out your daily activity, what you like to do, and what all of your interests are. They know more about you than you could ever imagine.
All of them use our collective private data against us to predict what we will do next, who we would likely vote for, and sell us more stuff we do not need. They are constantly making money in countless varieties of ways from us because of the information they have on us. 
If you are not a fan of such surveillance in your life, you are now able to put a stop to it with what I am about to tell you.
Step 1: Stop using and delete every Google product. Remember first to close your accounts, but not before saving a copy of what data they collected about you. The steps to do this are readily found by searching DuckDuckGo.https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/3024190?hl=en
After you have removed Google Chrome, download the browser called Brave. Check out my last post to learn more about Brave.
I’m not going to explain the technical aspect of Brave browser because all you need to know is that it protects you from websites that seek to steal information about you. Google would give up your data every time, while Brave can mostly safeguard your privacy while surfing the web.

Step 2: After you have installed Brave, the next thing you must do is change your default search engine to DuckDuckGo. Never use Google for any searching, ever. Remember, Google is never your friend but a proven, back-stabbing spy that sells you out and works against you every time.
Step 3:Repeat the above steps on all of your devices. Right there, you already have taken back so much of your power through privacy. 
Step 4: As much as possible, get all your email off Gmail and choose a privacy-oriented email service such as Proton Mail. 

Step 5 (optional): Lastly, a possible perk with Brave on your laptop or desktop is to get some money in your pocket. It is possible actually to earn crypto when pairing Brave with an Uphold account. The Brave and Uphold topic I will cover in an upcoming video.
Uphold is what you can think of as the bank account for Brave browser. It is not entirely private, as it is like opening a bank account, but it is voluntary. If you do it, you will get paid as long as you agree to see ads on the Brave browser.
I expect that the more videos I make “exposing the truth” about Google and YouTube, I will see my YouTube channel get removed. I understand it’s just a matter of time until they ban me from their platform for all the things I am telling you. You will always find me on Odysee if you do not see me here. The day my video is taken down is the day I know I am becoming very successful in the eyes of Google and YouTube. From then on, I will be on Web 3.0 decentralized video services. My favorite so far is Odysee.
So why Odysee for my videos? It is decentralized and will not censor me for the information I’m giving you. It also pays me for uploading and viewing videos, and Odysee will also pay you and your friends and family for watching my videos.
The Odysee website uses a technology pronounced as “library,” spelled LBRY. It is this LBRY technology that enables money paid to you with cryptocurrency. You get paid with a coin called LBC. 
Check out my last post, and I show you step by step how to set up your Odysee account.

As soon as you do, you will have a chance to get paid privately with LBC. Some of you may find this hard to believe that there is “free money,” but think of it as easily getting paid for following and participating. 
Odysee is Web 3.0, where you get paid for participating. It is all about taking back your power.
You have nothing to lose and incredible amounts to gain, so I invite you to consider it and try it out.
So what am I going to do with my LBRY coin? I am not cashing out.I’m waiting to earn more. When I am ready, I can convert it to Ethereum or Bitcoin, or other digital currencies. It can be exchanged for dollars or other currency for your own country into a bank account to pay the bills.
Much much more is coming to the decentralized world of web 3.0.expect to see more social media, digital currencies, movies, videos, and more that we cannot even imagine. 
So again, please begin to follow me over on Odysee instead of YouTube. You will get back your privacy and get paid in the process. You will lose nothing in leaving Youtube behind, but you will be sure to gain your privacy, power, and more money.
In my next post, I’m will explain more about digital currency. What is it, where to get or buy it, and why even bother with digital currency? 
I will show you the power to earn and invest money with fantastic returns that banks cannot match.

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If you sign up with this link you will get paid through LBC coin. This is the best way to get your feet wet in the world of crypto. Invite your friends and family and we all get paid.

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