Could online public school soon become a new normal?


Since the recent COVID-19 outbreak there has been tremendous disruption for students who attend either traditional private and public school. It was so sad to see how many household parents and students struggle with homeschooling because none of them knows where to begin and how to do it, and none of them are disciplined enough to be able to carry it through. I don’t know how or what the public school students are going to do now, I don’t think anybody knows.
The first and most obvious solution that comes to mind is to transition their education to an online curriculum. Unfortunately, being able to make the change cannot happen overnight. Those teachers and students who have never before participated in online courses will be faced with a significant learning curve in terms of managing not just the technology, but also the means of connecting and managing relationships between teacher and students.

You have to:

  1. Be organized
  2. Manage your time
  3. Make more decisions
  4. Discipline
  5. Self-Starter
  6. Responsibilities
  7. Independence

What I mean by this is: You have to submit all the due assignments on time. You have to plan your wake up and sleep times. You are responsible for finding all the help within school. I have visited schools, have friends who attend physical schools, and they love my arrangement. It is education more on my terms than anybody else’s. I can take it to the cafe, I can take it on vacation. However in this quarantine time I can’t and I’m also suffering just like everybody else and that’s not fun. While there are many students, like me, who have been attending online school for years, it is certainly not going to be the first choice for everybody, but now we may be looking at a world where suddenly everything has become opposite.
People always ask me about social interaction, that I lack social skills. I have made friends throughout the world, like all of you my subscribers and blog readers, and followers on instagram and pinterest. I connect through the technology. Some people think I am doing this for religious reasons, the real reason was that the caliber of education was not up to standards.Being online allowed me to easily advance an extra grade, and also have so much extra time to pursue other interests and hobbies, even attending art classes at a local studio, going to the mall with my knitting group, I learned to bake, I learned to sew, and start this youtube channel. Even though I’m an online school student I have a life outside of the house, but this quarantine doesn’t help anybody whether you’re a private school student, a public school student, or an online school student. 
The government decided that all schools are cancelled for the rest of the year and magically they’re just gonna finish school without really working. It seems pretty unfair to me, because my school isn’t cancelled at all.
By the way on the news I’m reading that all of those domestic hobbies is the new trend, like baking and sewing, knitting and crocheting. 

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