20 Things Quarantine Taught me

Who’s tired of quarantine? I am. Who dreamed of this, who predicted, this. Because I couldn’t see this coming miles away. One day to the next day, we think that we have control, but this pandemic has proven that us humans really don’t have control over anything. Something like this, can just ruin our world, …

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Best Book Suggestions

These are just guidelines and suggestions, if you have an advanced or avid reader then you don’t have to stick to the grade range (eg: elementary aged kids can read middle school books) Most of these books I have read except for the older books. Surprisingly some books I read but I come back to …

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My Gardening Disaster:

Today I’m going to tell you about my gardening disasters. What sort of disasters do you ask? The disasters in struggling to grow a single thing outdoors. My whole life so far, I’ve just had the worst luck with gardening. Whatever house I go to, wherever I live, whatever I do, no matter how much …

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Could online public school soon become a new normal?

4/8/20 Since the recent COVID-19 outbreak there has been tremendous disruption for students who attend either traditional private and public school. It was so sad to see how many household parents and students struggle with homeschooling because none of them knows where to begin and how to do it, and none of them are disciplined …

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2020 Welcome Announcement

Hello Everyone! Welcome to my first website and blog. If you haven’t already guessed, my name is Chaia. The year of 2020 represents a new beginning for me. I continue expanding the topics on my YouTube channel in a variety of ways. Specifically the aim is to improve the quality and variety of content. Beyond doing just …

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