Best Book Suggestions

These are just guidelines and suggestions, if you have an advanced or avid reader then you don’t have to stick to the grade range (eg: elementary aged kids can read middle school books) Most of these books I have read except for the older books. Surprisingly some books I read but I come back to just because they’re so good.


  1. Anne of Green Gables (TV Anne with and E)
  2. Alice in Wonderland (Movie)
  3. The tale of Desperaux
  4. The lion, the witch, and the wardrobe (Movie)
  5. Harry Potter series (Movie)
  6. Ramona and Beezus (Movie)
  7. Charlotte’s Web
  8. Where the Sidewalk ends
  9. Stuart Little
  10. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Movie)
  11. Frog and Toad 
  12. Peter Rabbit
  13. Dr. Suess books (Eg: Cat in the hat, green eggs and ham)
  14. Where the wild things are
  15. Goodnight moon
  16. The very hungry caterpillar
  17. The bridge to Terabithia (Movie)
  18. Bud not buddy
  19. Goodnight Zoo
  20. Diary of a wimpy kid series (Movie)
  21. The lord of the rings series (Movie)

Middle School:

  1. Rick Riordan books (Eg: Heroes of Olympus) (Some movies)
  2. Wonder (Movie)
  3. Enders Game series (Movie)
  4. The Hunger Games series (Movie)
  5. Night
  6. The Breadwinner `

UPDATE – 5/13/20

  1. Holes
  2. The Lightning Thief
  3. Outsider
  4. Bridge to Terabithia
  5. The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe
  6. The Hobbit
  7. The Book Thief
  8. Matilda
  9. catching Fire
  10. Wrinkle in Time
  11. Divergent
  12. The Princess Bride
  13. Little Women
  14. The Chronicles of Narnia
  15. The Lord of the Ring Series
  16. Little House on the Prairie
  17. The Secret Garden
  18. The Fault in our Stars

High School:

  1. To Kill a Mockingbird
  2. Roll of Thunder, Hear my cry
  3. Island of the Blue Dolphins
  4. The Westing Game
  5. The Giver 
  6. To kill a mockingbird
  7. The catcher in the rye
  8. Lord of the flies
  9. Of mice and men
  10. Fahrenheit 451

UPDATE – 5/13/20

  1. Great Gatsby
  2. Pride and Prejudice
  3. Copper Sun
  4. Brave New World
  5. The Adventure of Tom Sawyer
  6. The House on Mango Street
  7. Gulliver’s Travels


  1. Dark Matter
  2. Recursion
  3. Pines
  4. Altered Carbon
  5. Brilliance
  6. Wayward
  7. A better world
  8. The last town
  9. Written in fire
  10. Can’t hurt me
  11. Fear and loathing in Las Vegas

I hope this book list helped, and if you read any of the books be sure to leave a comment below and tell me how it was! 

Sincerely, Chaia

5 thoughts on “Best Book Suggestions”

  1. OK. I can’t sleep. So yeah… Here we go.
    “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” with Johnny Depp or “Willy Wonka” with Gene Wilder? Both are excellent but completely different.
    Did you know they made a movie of “Where the Wild Things Are”?
    If you should ever catch a hint of it in your general vicinity… RUN AWAY
    “The Bridge to Tarabithia” is sad AF
    and “The Lord of the Rings” is dark AF.
    Both are excellent but not sure they’re elementary reading.

    I read the Rick Reardon books, enjoyed them, can’t remember a damn thing about them. What I’d call bubble gum.
    The “Enders Game” book series is awesome. Can’t think of anything written by Orson Scott Card that I haven’t liked. The movie? I really, really, really wanted to like it. But I didn’t.
    Read and watched all of “The Hunger Games” series and enjoyed them both. The ending of the book series is quite a bit different than the movies.

    Wow! You must have really loved “To Kill a Mockingbird”. It is good.
    I read “The Giver” and it was OK. I think “Anthem” by Ayn Rand is a much better example of the same theme.
    “The Catcher in the Rye” was supposedly groundbreaking in its time. (1951) I read it after its time and found it pretty boring and self-absorbed.
    “The Lord of the Flies” is absolute shite. William Golding was a mean and bitter man and he wrote a mean and bitter book. What he wrote was not “Human Nature” but William Golding nature.
    “Of Mice and Men” well yeah. Really well written, evocative, and depressing AF. Steinbeck, Hemingway, Salinger all of the mid 20th century writers were great at making you feel awful when you finished their books.
    “Fahrenheit 451” Love me some Ray Bradbury but the same sentiment as the authors mentioned above. An overall pessimistic view of humankind.

  4. COLLEGE +
    The only one of these I’ve read is “Altered Carbon” which I quite enjoyed. Different riff on the “stored consciousness” theme.

  5. Now for some of my recommendations.
    As I said, pretty much anything written by Orson Scott Card. Some is science fiction like “Enders Game” but the “Makers” series which starts with “Seventh Son” is completely different.
    Although I think there are some serious flaws in her philosophy; her definition of the intrinsic value of each human life is refreshing. So Ayn Rand. Start with “Anthem” and work your way up.
    Stephen King is one of the greatest when it comes to character development. If you haven’t read “It” you’re missing out.
    The Discworld series by Terry Pratchett is absolutely delightful. It starts out silly, light and funny with “The Colour of Magic” then gets progressively less silly, less light, but always funny for the next 40 books.
    That’s probably enough for tonight. Thanks for listening.

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