Decentralization, the disruptive force in the world of Money & Power

You have probably seeing a lot in the news about Ethereum and Bitcoin these days. They are at the core of of everything driving cryptocurrencies and NFT’s these days. I have been told this is similar to when the world was changed forever by the web. The difference is that this is happening very fast …

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Biscoff Cheesecake Recipe

This recipe is a 500 subscriber special. Although I hoped to reach this goal last year, I couldn’t, but I did this year! The nice thing about this recipe is it doesn’t require an oven. There is an oven used for some steps; however, you don’t have to. You will need a fridge, however.  Ingredients for the …

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Cheesy Spinach Rolls Recipe

Since you all enjoyed my cast-iron bread rolls with cheesy spinach dip recipe, I decided to make a similar recipe, but it’s all together in individual rolls. These rolls are super fluffy and have a pretty pinwheel shape with cheesy spinach in the middle. They’re great as a side, or just as it is when …

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2020 Overview

I can’t believe that 2020 is over! Let me think, we went into lockdown/quarantine since about March, and literally the whole rest of the year we have been quarantined!! Easter did not feel like Easter. Christmas felt different too. Thanksgiving was lonely, not to mention it was hard to give thanks because many people lost …

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