7 Things I don’t miss during quarantine

I’ve been stuck at home ever since. During this time I’ve been at home doing every possible activity I can think of, and even in the next months, it doesn’t look like things re gonna get anything like they were before. But one thing I’ve learned for sure is that there are some things that I still don’t miss: 

7 things I don’t miss during quarantine:

  1. I don’t miss going to malls or roaming around in shopsI’m not much of an outdoor person, so I really don’t miss going to malls like most people do.
  2. I don’t miss going to churchI’ve been instead doing online church, and for me as the younger generation, I’m really fine with zoom meetings.
  3. I don’t miss going to the doctor or dentist. Honestly, who does?
  4. I don’t miss going to restaurants. We always have home cooked meals, so I never miss going to restaurants. It’s always better to have it at home.
  5. I don’t miss going grocery shopping. I never really thought grocery shopping was fun was fun anyway, I just like making things OUT of the groceries.
  6. I don’t miss sports. Again, I’m not much of an outdoor person, and I never like sports. 
  7. And lastly, I won’t miss this quarantine/lockdown. This is another thing that I don’t think anybody is going to miss. 

This aspect of quarantine could last many more months. Probably not completely, but it looks like things might never be the same how they were before. There’s one thing about this disruption, is that it forces me to have to think about things from a totally different perspective than I never did before. Some of the things have been terrible, some of the experience have taught me that some of the things we were doing before quarantine were really not as great as I would’ve liked them. 

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