20 Things Quarantine Taught me

Who’s tired of quarantine? I am. Who dreamed of this, who predicted, this. Because I couldn’t see this coming miles away. One day to the next day, we think that we have control, but this pandemic has proven that us humans really don’t have control over anything. Something like this, can just ruin our world, and the flow of our daily life. I’m really tired of this quarantine, as if all of this couldn’t get worse. I realized that my confirmation party was also canceled. After all of the planning I did for it. The catering, the shopping, the cake, the dress, and all of that, and my party is cancelled. But I’m trying to stay away from the negativity, and stay positive. So I reflected on this quarantine, and here’s what I came up with. Enjoy!

20 things quarantine taught me:

  1. Mitigating boredom, I learned to become more creative
  2. I read and listened to books more
  3. I learned to make all kinds of drinks, such as herb drinks, hot and cold fruity drinks, fruit tea, and more teas of all kinds, you name it
  4. I organized, and organized, and organized not only physical spaces but myself, my thoughts, my life, my actions, my habits, and my routine
  5. I made lots and lots and lots of masks, and donated them
  6. I learned more cooking, and added my twist to recipes to make it mine and at the same time made cooking disasters that nobody could eat
  7. I entered in lots of cooking challenges and sent recipes to established people and youtubers
  8. I reviewed a few products and will upload the video soon
  9. I learned to fight effectively and gain progress with my brothers
  10. I learned that life is fragile and anything can happen to anyone, therefore I wanna live my life to the fullest because it might be the last day of my life.
  11. I saw lots of Youtubers uploading videos about online schooling that showed how difficult it is for them and what a disaster it was. For me and others who’ve been doing it for years it’s now common knowledge, like everyday things. Most puzzling about those videos is that they got sky high views compared to mine despite them knowing a lot less about it than I do. I guess they know how to work an obviously imperfect and highly flawed Youtube algorithm
  12. I did and re-did my vegetable garden 5 times and this time all of the veggie plants are thriving.
  13. I also spent lots of time with my father who taught me about building websites and blogs. It’s difficult but I like it and enjoy our time together.
  14. I felt very blessed to have all of my family members with me under one roof in a very long time and felt loved and cared for since I am the youngest in the family often times my voice gets lost but regardless I felt loved and cared for especially by my brothers while holding my ground and also learning to team up in other words learned to become a team player with older siblings which is not easy.
  15. I spent and we spent lots of family time together and played games, watched movies and episodes, talked and talked which I enjoyed since I don’t get to spend time with my brothers, it was really nice
  16. My brothers heled me with all my school work, and projects that I was having difficulties with
  17. My brothers gave me new exercises to push my limits
  18. I realized that once the lockdown is over I will miss them a lot therefore I cherished the moments and made them count.
  19. I was stressed and fearful and hopeless at times when I read the new about COVID-19 but stopped reading, and learned to have faith and move on with life
  20. I listened to all kinds of music

Stay safe, stay positive, hang in there, and I wish you all the best!

Good luck,

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