10 Things I missed during quarantine

Along with all the things that I don’t miss during this quarantine. There are also a lot of things that I do miss during quarantine. Before this quarantine happened, I guess I took a lot for granted, but not that I’m stuck at home, I realized that there are lots of things that I miss.

10 things I missed during quarantine:

  1. I miss going for ice cream. Especially as this summer weather is approaching, I find myself craving ice cream in the hot weather. And I really miss going for ice cream.
  2. I miss going to cafés. Before this lockdown happened, sometimes I used to go to cafe’s on days when I wanted a change of setting. I could get a nice warm drink, and do some work. But now it’s really tiring because the only place I can work is at home.
  3. I miss going to hair salonsI miss going to hair salons because for forever I’ve wanted to actually go to a professional, and get a nice cut and color. And right now, my dad is my hair stylist, and he only knows how to cut a straight line. I definitely don’t want to trust anybody else with anything else so I can be added to the list of quarantine hair catastrophes. 
  4. I miss going to plant nurseries to get plants. Even though I’m not really a plant professional, I did enjoy getting new plants. There’s just something really calming about being surrounded by green plants, and stuck in my gray, depressing home, just makes me miss it even more.
  5. I miss going on long bike ridesI used to go on bike rides with my grandfather when the weather got warmer. And it was a really nice fun experience that I wish I could do more often.
  6. I miss going hiking. Even though I’m not really an outdoors person, occasionally I do enjoy getting some sunshine, and going out in nature. And especially now that I’m quarantined, I feel even more restricted.
  7. I miss going swimming. By the time the weather is better, maybe I can go swimming. 
  8. I miss going to the library. Right now it really sucks to not be able to go the library. You’d think that if you’re quarantined, you’d at least be able to read some books. But unless you have an extensive home library, it’s really hard to find books. 
  9. I miss going to the movies. We don’t often go to the movies, but when we do, we make it count. And I know that there were some really good action movies that were gonna be released as well that we were counting on watching in the theater.
  10. I miss going for my music lessons. Stuck in this quarantine for so many weeks now, coming up on months, I found myself really missing my music lessons. They were really helpful, and now I have to learn to teach myself.Well I would love to know all of your thoughts, so leave a comment below. Check out my youtube channel, please follow me on instagram and pinterest. And I will see you all very soon.


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